In just the past year the webpage of the “official” online version of the test, hosted by the Thresher, has been visited 1,524,204 times. The top city for purity test takers: Atlanta, followed by Houston, Dallas, Chicago and New York.

As the test spreads through colleges and high schools across the globe, inspiring chat rooms, blog posts and even an erotic book — “Bicurious and The Rice Purity Test” by Amy Morrel — it serves as an entryway into often taboo topics even as it is being phased out of the place where its current iteration was designed to be taken:

1. The “unadulterated” scale is from 1-100

The lower the number, the more “unadulterated” you are.

2. The inquiries get forceful rapidly and extend from basic acts like kissing to lawful offences


The review begins moderate, essentially getting some information about things like clasping hands and making out and afterwards prompts medications, capture, and trios. It is a bit of confounding how any of it truly relates or characterizes an individual.

All that you have to think about the Rice Purity Test!

3. There is no obvious meaning of “impurity”

The test never truly clarifies how much each inquiry breaks even without to or where any of the outcomes originate from.

All that you have to think about the Rice Purity Test!

4. A large portion of the inquiries have nothing to do with being unadulterated or not


Gone thin plunging and french kissed? God denies.

5. The outcomes don’t give you anything other than a red bolded number

Your outcome is truly a red number that you trust winds up somewhere close to 1 and 100 with zero clarification.


All that you have to think about the Rice Purity Test!

What’s more, some way or another, you can’t avoid from stepping through the exam and perceiving how unadulterated the understudies of Rice think you are or not. The Rice Purity Test is fascinating most definitely. May the chances be ever to support you.

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